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MacDonald Naturopathic Medical Clinic

“At the MacDonald Naturopathic Medical Clinic, our focus on disease prevention, patient education, health maintenance and the natural treatment of disease is an effective and lasting health care solution for your entire family. We welcome women, men and children at our clinic and we promise you the highest standards in care and competence, so that your individual health needs can be met” … Dr. MacDonald has been extremely helpful in helping me manage my AS.  She also understands fully what an person with AS goes through as she has AS herself!  If you’re in the area (her office is located in Woodstock, Ontario, Canada), I highly recommend you give her a call.

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Open Forum Community

Open Forum Community @ The Arthritis Society Website – This collection of discussion boards was developed so that people with arthritis could share and benefit from each other’s experiences.

Canadian Arthritis Patient Alliance

Canadian Arthritis Patient Alliance – Making a difference in the fight against arthritis

Enbrel SubQ

Drugs and Treatments – Enbrel SubQ – Patient Handout from WebMD – this is currently what i’m on as far as my primary medication (i’m also on a pain killer).  i’ve been on enbrel for 10 weeks now and i’ve seen moderate improvements. it hasn’t show huge results for me yet but i hear it could take 3 months or more to feel it’s full effects. let’s hope i start to see more than moderate improvements because the injection is extremely painful! and that’s coming from someone with chronic pain!!