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25 Easy Ways to Improve Your Bone Health | EmpowHER – Women’s Health Online

The 25 steps to healthier bones are grouped into five general categories:

1. Get enough calcium and vitamin D every day

2. Do weight-bearing and muscle strengthening exercises

3. Keep healthy lifestyle behaviors (healthy diet, limit smoking and alcohol)

4. Talk to your doctor about bone health

5. Improve your balance and prevent falls

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Fish Oils

Fish oil is rich in Omega-3.  These fatty acids are good fats for your body.  The principal fish fats areknown as EPA and DHA.   Both of them have shown great health benefits in a wide range of ways, including the healing of arthritis. However, one thing you must know is that fish fats do not work like painkillers do.  They may help alleviate the pain of arthritis but they do not do it overnight.  It will take some time before their benefits are felt. The oil of the fish works by reducing the inflammation that an arthritic patient is suffering from.  Researches have shown that the body can convert fish fats into resolvin D2—a very powerful anti-inflammatory chemical.  With even little amount of this powerful chemical established in the body, the person may already feel substantial ease in his or her joints.  Omega-3 can definitely aid to you get back on your feet.

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