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MacDonald Naturopathic Medical Clinic

“At the MacDonald Naturopathic Medical Clinic, our focus on disease prevention, patient education, health maintenance and the natural treatment of disease is an effective and lasting health care solution for your entire family. We welcome women, men and children at our clinic and we promise you the highest standards in care and competence, so that your individual health needs can be met” … Dr. MacDonald has been extremely helpful in helping me manage my AS.  She also understands fully what an person with AS goes through as she has AS herself!  If you’re in the area (her office is located in Woodstock, Ontario, Canada), I highly recommend you give her a call.

Advertisements – “#1 AS support site in the world” – this site claims to have over 4000 members! AMAZING! I have only gotten “knee deep” into the site but it looks like a good resource so far!