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1. Jamie Sabot, 27, Ontario Canada




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  djdezzo wrote @

I’ve had AS for nearly three years and am living in France being “taken care of” under their regime. I have full and detailed info from what they do over here and how it’s seen and diagnosed generally and what medicatioin they recommend.

I have a question though. My anti inf treatment seems to be going okay on my lower back and hip (but only just). AS has attacked my shoulder (burse) which is absolute agony and goes untouched by painkillers and anti inf’s. Oh yeah, my body doesn’t get on with morphine. I was just wondering if there is anyone else with this problem and if there’s an operation I can look at to remove the excruciating pain from my shoulder. My rhumatologist says that I can’t keep geting cortizone shots which last 3 months as it has an adverse long term effect. I saw a burse sack removal op’ on YouTube and quite frankly I’d be willing to do it with a packet of wine gums and a butter knife. Any info on this would be greatfully received, I can’t go on like this!! Thanks

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